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('Didache', pronounced, 'dih-dah-KAY') is a Greek word that means 'teaching'. The purpose of the Didache mail list is to give teen-agers a place to ask questions about and discuss what the Bible teaches and what that means for our lives.

Obviously, we should all turn to our own pastors for spiritual advice and assistance...yet, we realize that sometimes some questions are a little difficult to ask...and that some pastors are, frankly, not faithful to God's Word as they ought to be. The pastors who write for this list will tell you in no uncertain terms what the Bible says...and then, often, advise you to talk to your pastor about it! Your questions, though, will be discussed by the pastors and other subscribers to this list in the light of the Bible and the Confessions of the Church in a way that, we hope, will not only answer the main question asked, but also help all of our subscribers grow in answering all questions in a truly Scriptural, Christ-centered way.

Blood of Christ (55k)

The highest work of God's messengers is to bring you the holy, precious blood of His crucified Son.

To receive messages from the Didache list and be able to ask questions, send ANY note to Didache-on@lists.HigherThings.org . Check out previous posts to the list in our Archive .

The artwork on this page is from the website of the "Dying to Live" youth gathering, held in Laramie, Wyoming, July 11-14, 2000, the first bi-annual youth gathering sponsored by Higher Things Magazine, the premier magazine for Christian youth. Their second conference, "Making Waves," completed July of 2002 in Duluth, Minnesota, has confirmed for all involved that there is no better youth event offered anywhere. Check their website for more details and for information about their next great event!

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