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Confess and Teach for Unity (CAT 41) provides the Table Talk  discussion list for those seeking to be faithful to the Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church as found in the Book of Concord of 1580. All discussions within the list are governed by that standard, and repeated antagonism against that standard will be considered cause for a removal of a list member’s posting privileges.

Please note that our understanding of the Lutheran Confessions indicates that a subscriber to the same will hold the canon of Holy Scripture in esteem as the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God, as well as recognizing that these Confessions were written within the parameters of the visible communion that holds to and instructs its members in accord with these articles of the pure and evangelical doctrine, thus declaring certain things about the Lord’s Supper [i.e., Closed Communion], etc., simply by the fact of for whom these documents were written.

Further implied is the rejection of female ‘clergy’; women rostered on the clergy list of any denomination will refrain from referring to themselves as holding the pastoral office if they wish to remain on this list, in accord with a ‘quia’ subscription to the Lutheran Symbols. This is not a lack of cordiality upon the part of the list owner, but the simple insistence that while questions of all sorts will be entertained, unrepented false teaching (which is an abuse of our list members and our bandwidth) will not  be tolerated.

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Please note that while Table Talk is a ‘public’ mail list, the original posters of individual messages retain all their rights under copyright law in the United States and elsewhere, excepting that Confess And Teach For Unity is granted a non-exclusive license to the same by virtue of posting via our system. Messages are not to be forwarded to those not on the list without the expressed permission of the original writer.

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